Grand Opening of 4th Location - Dynamic Automotive

Grand Opening of 4th Location

Grand Opening Event

     What a great turn out we had for our Grand Opening of our newest shop at 11 Byte Ct. It was an action packed day that was non-stop once it began. Food is always key to an amazing event and this one was no different. Lee and Molly Forman slow cooked 50 poun27487148442_298a47aad5_kds of brisket. They had a long night but was it worth it. I had a customer call me asking if we had any left over. They had heard Tom Whelan, on WFRE, comment that it was the best brisket he had ever eaten. Of course I had to ask Tom and he said it was 100% true. Thanks Tom! Yes, Tom Whelan and WFRE were at the event helping to promote it so everyone could come out and enjoy it with us. It must have worked because we were packed and ran out of food around 130 just when we were finishing up. We had a star studded list of dignitaries stop by. Frederick County Council President Bud Otis stopped by to tour the facility and participate in the event. He asked lots of questions and was impressed by the way we take care of our team members. He said “He knows we would be successful when he realized how important it was for us to take care of our people. The fact that we air conditioned all of our shops was impressive.” We know Dynamic Automotive is only successful because of our team. They are our most important asset! Council Members Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter also attended the Grand Opening. They are both longtime supporters of Dynamic Automotive and wanted to celebrate the day with us and enjoy some great food. They have a record of supporting small businesses in Frederick County and today was no different. Orphan Judge Jimmy Trout also attended. I like to call Jimmy my oldest friend having known him my entire life. It always makes the event a little more special when he is there. Our newest shop is our first in the city of Frederick. Having shops in New Market, Libertytown and Urbana allowed us to surround Frederick but the newest shop completed the circle. Mayor Randy McClement attended and presented a proclamation for Dynamic’s newest shop. CEO and President Elizabeth Cromwell from the Frederick County Chamber was there to direct the ribbon cutting. Elizabeth has had a long history with Dynamic Automotive. Not only has she been a customer for a decade she also has worked with us as a sponsor for community events and as a member of the chamber. Both Mayor McClement and Elizabeth talked about what it meant to them seeing Dynamic successful and what affects it has. During the ribbon cutting ceremony we recognized some long term partners and friends. Frederick County Bank is very special to us and considered not only a business partner but a friend. FCB was out in full force with Denise Guyton-Boyer, Yvonne Reeder, Merry Berry and Carolyn Adkins to celebrate with us. FCB is Frederick’s community bank and we feel it’s a perfect match for us because we are Frederick’s community auto repair shop.      AutoPlus Auto Parts, our main parts supplier and partner, attended the event and helped with some generous donations of gift cards thautoplus logoat were won by our customers. We are proud to be an AutoPlus Professional Service Center for over 10 years. This partnership has been instrumental to our success and growth. We also thanked Frederick City and Frederick County Employee’s for their assistance in getting everything in order to be able to open. They were helpful in getting all the proper permits and offered information that was important to expedite our opening. Frederick is definitely open for business and is ready to help us succeed. Craig Shipp from and Dave Serio from were there to record the festivities. Both have continually supported Dynamic Automotive and it’s events over the years. Craig produced a great video of the event. Our friend and business couch, Mark Luterman, was there to support us and help direct a few interviews. His tutelage has been invaluable in our ability to be successful. Since implementing the Power of Gratitude we have seen continued success and expansion. Most importantly we wanted to thank our team members, 33 in all, that support myself, Lee and Jose`. Without them it would have been impossible to achieve what we have over the last 21 years. A special thanks to Bob Allen for his ambition, ability, desire and fortitude to want to open a new facility. We know how hard it is to open a new business. We thank him for that! The opening of our 4th location was a great success. One of the best events we have ever had. It was great to have all our partners there to support us in our expansion. Having our team there to celebrate was very special. We thank everyone that was able to make it and hope they enjoyed. See you when we open #5. Dwayne Myers

Written by Dwayne Myers