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FUN (Finding Unlimited Niches): Automotive Repair Career for You

What Do You Like to Do?

You've seen them and you probably even know a few. They're people who hate their jobs and dread going to work every day. But, you probably also know somebody who's passionate about what they do and find great satisfaction in helping others. Think about the difference in the quality of life for those individuals. Which one do you want to be? If you said the latter, perhaps a career in auto repair is a good fit for you. This is particularly true if you enjoy helping others. Whether you like physical work, mechanical intrigue, computer applications, or clerical activities, there's something for you in the automotive industry. To learn more about careers in auto repair, visit Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Practically More Options Than You Can Count

If you're thinking that auto repair is a single career, think again--and take a closer look. Although each job is a bit different, there are practically more options in the industry than you can count. The common threads are that each one allows you to assist others, and they're all under the umbrella of one industry. Your job choice may place you at either a franchised or independent auto shop, a dealership, or a collision repair facility. Furthermore, each location includes various positions. For instance, depending on your interests and talents, you may be a service department manager, service writer, automotive technician (mechanic), collision repair specialist, etc. Thus, you may work hands-on with vehicles 100 percent of the time, or you may never physically touch one.

Often, each role includes specializations. You might, for example, narrow your scope of services. While you may perform general repair services, you may specialize in something like transmissions, heat/AC, brakes, or suspension. Perhaps you'll choose to do bodywork for the general public, or maybe you'll contract to fix cars for a particular insurer. No matter what part of auto repair appeals to you, you're sure to find a job. If you opt-out of hands-on, you'll find opportunities at auto parts stores, schools, insurance companies, manufacturers, and distributors. As you can see, the various locations, market segments, and specializations create more possible career outcomes than you'll care to count. Just know that if you'd like to enter the automotive field, there's a job waiting for you.

Finding the Specific Niche for You

As described, you shouldn't have to look too far to find a segment of the auto repair industry that's right for you. The key to your best career is finding just the right niche for you, regardless of your strengths. For one example of an employer that not only treats employees well but also transforms customers into friends, visit Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, MD.

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