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Do I Need to Change My Power Steering Fluid?

Changing Power Steering Fluid: Why, When, And How

Everything You Need to Know About Power Steering Fluid Flushes

How Often Should You Change Your Power Steering Fluid?

Power steering fluid is one of those fluids you probably don’t think about too often in your vehicle. Still, much like every other fluid in your vehicle, it needs to be changed continuously. Different car manufacturers have different standards for how often to change your power steering fluid, and different types of power steering fluid have different life spans. Your best bet for knowing when to change the power steering fluid in your vehicle is to bring it to a certified auto repair shop like Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, MD, and let their technicians inspect the system and fluid.M/p>

Signs You Need to Change Your Power Steering Fluid

Once you’ve spoken with your mechanic about the state of your power steering fluid, they may or may not suggest a power steering fluid flush at that time. If they don’t recommend changing the fluid right then, you can keep an eye out for some signs it’s time to change the power steering fluid. When it’s time to flush the power steering fluid and replace it, the pump that circulates the fluid in the steering system may become loud. You’ll hear it as a new noise coming from the engine compartment. You may also notice tugging or difficulty steering as you drive. If you’ve ever experienced a power steering failure, you’ll know the difference between having it and not having it. It’s hard to miss when your power steering has failed.

Preventative Maintenance is Where It’s At!

Because power steering fluid is often self-contained in the steering system and not visible to you, your best bet for keeping the fluid fresh and functioning is to partner with Dynamic Automotive and make checking the power steering fluid part of your preventative maintenance schedule. The certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive will inspect, diagnose, and recommend repairs should there be a problem with the fluid upon inspection. Give them a call today or stop by the Urbana, MD, location to speak with the team. They’ll add power steering fluid inspection to your maintenance schedule and take the worry of power steering failure off your shoulders.

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