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You Have Choices: Options in Tires

The Purchase Mindset

You've made up your mind. You've got to purchase a new set of tires to continue driving safely. That's great, but your decision-making isn't over yet. Did you know you have various choices when it comes to road rubber? That's right. There's more than one kind. For more information, assistance choosing the best option for your vehicle, and great tire services, rely on the certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Since 1995, we've been the choice of many drivers in the central Maryland area. Schedule an appointment today. You'll get expert tire services and outstanding customer care. Come see why we've won so many awards and how customers become friends.

Your Choices Simplified

If you're feeling a bit confused, stop worrying. Tire choices really aren't overwhelming. Here's a short overview to help you. The passenger car designation includes cars, minivans, and crossovers. There are five kinds of tires for passenger autos. Touring (aka grand touring) tires provide all-season riding comfort and work well in most weather conditions. You'll notice their asymmetrical tread pattern. Similarly, all-season tires have a tread pattern that's suited to most weather conditions, but the pattern also includes tire-encircling grooves to improve traction when the pavement is wet. With even larger grooves, performance tires also have lateral cross channels to deal with water. Thus, they're frequently rated for higher speeds.

Summer tires, as the name suggests, aren't made for wintery weather, but they do otherwise work well on either wet or dry roads. Racing or competition tires shouldn't be used on the road. Rather, they're intended only for use on the track. If a truck or SUV is your vehicle of choice, you'll find six tire options. Highway tires are designed to hold heavier loads, but they're otherwise similar to all-season car tires. The all-season tread of performance truck tires enables them to carry an increased speed rating. Trail or all-purpose tires are all-season, too, but they're tough enough to help you navigate various kinds of surfaces. All-terrain tires can be used off-road because they have tread blocks. With even larger blocks, mud-terrain tires work well on both mud and sand. You'll notice a decrease in comfort, however, when you run them on a solid road surface. Many commercial drivers use ribbed tires because of their durability and versatility. Finally, winter tires may be appropriate if you often drive in cold, wet areas.

Decision Time

Now that you're ready for tires, you'll need to choose what works best. As outlined above, consider vehicle type, weight, weather, and surface. It's not hard once you know your options. Your easiest decision, however, is to use Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, MD, for all your tire services.

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