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Can I Drive on a Spare Tire?

Is It Safe To Drive On My Spare Tire?

How far can you drive on your spare tire before sacrificing safety?

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The answer to this question is, “It depends.” Whether or not you should drive on your spare, how far, and how fast you can drive depends a lot on the type of spare tire you have in your vehicle and the shape that spare is in. If you have a donut spare tire–a smaller tire meant to take up less space in your trunk than a full-sized spare–you shouldn’t drive very far or fast on your spare. If, however, you have a full-sized spare, like those often found on trucks and SUVs, the overall quality of the tire will determine how far and fast you can drive on it. You’ll want to check full-sized spares for wear and tear, dry rot, and other issues. If you haven’t checked on the quality of your spare recently, consider stopping by the Frederick, MD, location of Dynamic Automotive to have their certified technicians inspect your spare and give you the low-down on the quality and state of the spare.

How Far Can I Drive on My Spare?

Especially if you have a donut spare, you should limit your drives on this type of spare to 50 miles and keep the speed under 50 mph. If you have a full-size spare, you can likely drive as far and as fast as the quality of the spare will allow. For example, suppose the tire has dry rot from being stored in the weather or under your vehicle. In that case, you will want to limit the drive on the spare to as few miles as possible and keep the speeds under highway speeds until you can get to a tire service and repair shop. For the most part, you should not rely on your spare for more than a quick trip to the repair shop.

Dynamic Automotive is Your Tire Service Specialist

In Frederick, MD, Dynamic Automotive is your tire services specialty shop. The certified technicians can help you with tire inspection, repair, and replacement. Don’t forget to ask them to inspect your spare the next time you stop by the shop. Call them today or stop by to speak with the team in person to find out what tire services Dynamic Automotive can provide for you.

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