2018 Christmas Party and Awards Ceremony - Dynamic Automotive

2018 Christmas Party and Awards Ceremony

2018 Christmas Party and Awards Ceremony

2018 was a year to be thankful for, and we celebrated! We had some amazing events occur during the last 12 months. We added to our Dynamic family in October as Mark and Lindsey Murphy welcomed Grant Michael Murphy into this world. Ricky Shontere and Frankie Arevalo were the first to graduate from our Youth Apprenticeship program, our team was voted the Frederick News-Post “Best of the Best” in Automotive Repair and a finalist in Lube and Oil, we received conditional approval from the planning commission for our new shop in New Market, every location made substantial gains, and it looks like we will finally be able to build the new digital sign at Libertytown location. 2018 was a successful year!  

We are looking forward to 2019, knowing we will continue to grow both the company and our team. It is our commitment to continue to develop our team to become leaders in the organization. Which leads me to a question I have been asked a few times this year, What makes us Great? Why should I go to Dynamic?That’s easy to answer. It’s our team! They are amazing! They are the most caring, talented, best trained, dedicated, passionate professionals that are in the business of helping people. Their actions reflect our tagline, Where Customers Become Friends. Our passion isn’t to make money but to make relationships.  

In 2018, another defining commitment was our dedication to Community Involvement. Our dedication to helping our community is a critical part of who we are. That’s what makes us special. We all care. From the top, down and back up. By serving our community and making it stronger, we are helping them and ourselves. The combination of relationship building and community involvement, is why we were voted Best of the Best in Auto Repair for 2018.   After having a delicious meal and some social time, came the most exciting and deserving part of the evening. We recognized some of our team members that reached certain milestones and others that did something above and beyond their normal duties. We have been doing this for a few years, and it’s a special way to recognize those that helped us have the best year ever. We started it off with recognition for our team members who have accomplished five years of service. Jason Sexton and Walter Granados were presented with company jackets as a token of our appreciation. Both played a major part in our success, and we thank them for their dedication and service over the last five year. It is funny both started much longer than five years ago. They left and came back to us. If it’s right and you have an opportunity, we encourage you to try it. They both came back better, and we thank them for all they do.   In 2018 we had two amazing people that reached a decade with us. Ten years, what a milestone! Both were key players in our success. A huge expression of appreciation to Darlene Canfield and Mark Murphy for their dedication to the team. Darlene is my boss. She is the head of Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Office Manager and a dozen other titles. Mark is our lead technician in Urbana and is on a path to lead one of our locations in the future. Thank you for your dedication. Ten years is an amazing feat. We are so lucky to have so many that have done this. You are both so special, and we thank you for it.   Next we recognized the efforts and hard work of two individuals for making customers happy and bringing value to the hard earned money they spend with us. In 21 years I have never had more phone calls, visits and messages sent on how happy they are with the service they received. What also makes this special is that these two individuals are brothers. Their work in the car wash is unprecedented. They make sure the customers are happy, and they do such an amazing job, customers call me before they leave the parking lot. There were so many, I started to wonder if they were paying for the reviews. Haha!  We presented Jason and Frankie Arevalo the award for “Making the Difference”. They received this award for meeting and exceeding the highest standards. You’ve surpassed expectations. Thank you for your remarkable performance. You guys are truly special!   Hayk Karapetyan just started his second year in our Registered Apprenticeship Program and works in both the Quick Lube and Repair Shop at the Urbana location.  He has worked hard to connect the department and made us a closer team that works together efficiently.  Hayk’s skills and desire to do the best job possible has earned him the “Above & Beyond - Quality Performance Award”.  He received this award for meeting and exceeding the highest standards. He has surpassed expectations and reached for the stars. We thank you for your remarkable performance.   Nate Fink is a second-year Registered Apprentice that works in the Repair Shop in our Urbana Location. Nate has done well with both his time at the shop and in class at Catonsville Community College. He has taken full advantage of this opportunity and has made a name for himself as one of our next star technicians. For his hard work and dedication to elevating his skills, Nate received a “Rising Star” award for demonstrating a strong will to succeed. Nate, you are on a path to greatness, keep up the good work!     Our next award went to Mark Murphy who is the lead technician at our Urbana Location. Mark is an excellent technician that always tries to improve his skills to make sure he can tackle the hardest of diagnostic problems we face in the automotive repair industry. This dedication is impressive but not why we recognized him. It is his unwavering commitment, making sure every team member and customer receives everything they need. He is selfless with his time and effort, always willing to take on any task at any time. Mark was awarded the “Making a Difference - Loyal Dedication” award for his loyal dedication and unwavering commitment. Thank you for your outstanding contributions toward our goals, and for making our organization stand above the rest. You are one of a kind, and we thank you for everything you do.   Next we recognized Ricky Shontere, a first-year Registered Apprentice at our New Market location and a recent graduate of our Youth Apprenticeship program. Ricky has taken advantage of the opportunity working in one of our busiest stores. It’s not easy doing this because it is currently our smallest, but his great attitude has made a huge difference. Because of his hard work and bright future he was awarded the “Rising Star” award for demonstrating ambition and a strong will to succeed. Ricky, you are on a path to greatness. Keep up the good work! We thank you for being a great person and an amazing addition to our team   The next award went to Courtney Ebner from our Frederick location. She made a major impact from the day she first started. She brought stability and organization to the office, allowing the location to meet the needs of our customers. She is a blessing to work with and is a true team player. For her amazing hard work, Courtney received the “Above and Beyond” award. Her exceptional performance and efforts have resulted in impressive achievements. Congratulations on a job well done Courtney! Thank You!   Now we want to celebrate a true transformation in leadership. It is not every day someone reinvents themselves and the location they lead. Well in 2018 that happened at the Libertytown location. Todd Zimmerman reflected on his own needs and took advantage of this opportunity and learned a new way to lead. The transformation has been amazing and very successful. Todd has worked very hard to improve his location and make it a great success. For this achievement, Todd received the “Above & Beyond -Always Striving to Grow” award. Todd, thank you for achieving something no one else ever has. Your hard work made all the difference!   The next award is for someone that I respect and hold in the highest regard. To lead a team, you have to sacrifice. You have to be willing to give yourself for the benefit of your team. This person does just that. He works to organize his team and help to make them better. By doing so, he elevates everyone around him and Dynamic. This person is Paul Foster, and he received the ”Outstanding Leadership” award for providing thoughtful guidance and inspiring excellence. Thank you for leading with honor, commitment, and integrity. You have helped to create an amazing team.   This year has had many twists and turns, and when Rebekah, our bookkeeper of 12 years, moved to Florida, it left a hole in our family. The great thing about change is that it provides opportunities. That’s what happened and why we are celebrating it. Darlene Canfield recognized the issue and stepped up to not only fill the void but lead the department to make it the best. For all the hard work and long stressful hours, Darlene received the “Commitment to Excellence” award in grateful appreciation and distinguished recognition of your hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Thank you for being the leader we needed!   Our last few awards are a tradition we started in 2017, recognizing people outside the organization that has helped us be successful. As our company grows, we need help to be the best possible employer we can be, and this group of people has done just that. They are a key asset in adding to and training our team. They have a thankless job that always awards others for their good deeds. We recognized and congratulated  Secretary Kelly Schulz, Chris Maclarion, and Teresa Mena from the Maryland Department of Labor with the “Excellence in Inspiring Others” award. They are consistently demonstrating excellence and inspiring others to perform at their best. Your work is truly exceptional. You are the reason we have the best apprenticeship programs in the county, and we thank you for all your hard work!   2018 was our best year ever as a company and a family. Witnessing our team become so successful professionally and personally brings us much pride, and that is what makes everything we are doing so meaningful. Our family has grown over 2018, we have plans to grow the company in 2019, we have done more with our communities than ever before, and we are united to serve our customers better than ever. For 2018 we thank our customers, we thank our communities, we thank our partners and most of all we thank our team! For pictures of the event click here   To a great year! Dwayne Myers       About Dynamic Automotive Dynamic Automotive is an Industry Leader in automotive repair. Dynamic Automotive has been serving Frederick County residents since 1995 and has established a coveted reputation as an honest, responsive and competitive automotive repair company. At Dynamic Automotive, we use the utmost in State of the Art Technology and Advanced Level Technicians to service your domestic and import vehicles. If someone were to ask us what makes Dynamic Automotive different then every other shop, that’s simple, education! We are big believers in educating ourselves, our team, our customers and the community as a whole. We began this business by not only learning how to work on cars, we wanted to learn how to operate a shop that was respected and able to be relied upon. Dynamic Automotive is big on giving back to the community, by supporting our local schools, fire departments and other local nonprofit organizations. Community based shops are special because they give you the opportunity to become close with your customers. This closeness is what inspired our brand, “Where Customers Become Friends!”.  Here, at Dynamic Automotive, we strive to make our customer’s visit a pleasant one, with friendly customer service that exceeds your expectations. We believe in helping our customers make informed and educated decisions regarding their vehicle’s maintenance and repairs. Customer satisfaction is so important to us that we call you back after your repair to make sure you were happy with the service you received!   About Maryland Department of Labor The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) is committed to safeguarding and protecting Marylanders. We’re proud to support the economic stability of the state by providing businesses, the workforce and the consuming public with high quality customer-focused regulatory, employment and training services

Written by Dwayne Myers