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2017 What a GREAT Year!

What a Great Team

2017 was a great year for the team at Dynamic Automotive. There was a continued commitment to developing each of our team members. We firmly believe that investing in our team to help them grow professionally and personally will not only lead to their success but the success of the entire company. Education is still one of our strongest tools to make this to happen. We spent 2017 traveling all over the country chasing classes and seminars to learn and experience more. Someone from Dynamic has touched every coast in the country and many states in-between going to training. We have learned a lot and made some great memories together in places like Chicago, Kansas City, San Francisco, San Diego, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas just to name a few.  We cannot fix today cars with yesterday’s information.   The development of new aspiring technicians was a key focus last year. Dynamic is a growing company, and  if we are going to continue to grow, we need to have great people. There is a shortage of technician in the nation, and replacements are not readily available. To help combat this shortage, Dynamic spent a considerable amount of resources in creating both a Youth and Registered Apprentice Programs. We have teamed up with Maryland DLLR, FCPS, the Career & Technology Center, Montgomery College, and Catonsville Community College to discuss, develop and institute these programs. We currently have two team members, Frankie Arevalo and Ricky Shontere in the Youth Program. This program allows them to work part-time with us while going to school with the plans to become an automotive technician. The Registered Program has three participants, Nate Fink, Michael Solan, and Hayk Karapetyan, who are working full time and taking automotive classes at college. When combining both programs and taking into account the training we have done for years, we can create a career path that is capable of introducing a high school student to the automotive repair industry through the Youth Program; transition to the Registered Program to gain hands-on and in-class experience, then after graduation, continuing to learn throughout their career to stay updated and prepared for future technologies. Our overall goal of educating our team members has made a difference in their futures.   Last year was an extraordinary year for us. Dynamic is blessed with a team that is dedicated.  Last year we recognized five team members for ten years of service. All four of our location managers and the lead technician at our Libertytown store have been with us for a decade. Bob Allen, Sara Abrecht, Paul Foster, Todd Zimmerman, and Scott Wilcom are essential members of our team, and we would not be able to enjoy the success we have seen without them.  All of these team members have risen in the company and their leadership is driving us forward to success. Over the past ten years, they have given so much, and we want to recognize their efforts and thank them for what they have done and who they are. Thank you, Bob, Sara, Paul, Todd and Scott for your hard work and dedication, we would not be where we are today without it!   Another team member reaching a significant milestone is Richie Kelly. Richie was recognized for five years of service. He has been attending college for the last few years but always returns during his breaks to help us out. He is capable of performing all duties in the company. This makes him extremely valuable, and he always seems to return when we need him the most. When he's back during a school break, he covers other team member’s shifts to help with vacation scheduling. It is wonderful to have him around and always feels great when he's back.  Thank you, Richie, for coming back and doing so much to help us out. You help to make work fun!   Stuart Page, our Quick Lube manager, is very popular with our customers. He enjoys building relationships with every customer. That connection has created a bond with them. This works because he is sincere about wanting to help and doing right by our customers.  Stu has been named in more 5-star customer reviews than any other team member. Because of his dedication to our customers and their needs, he was awarded the Customer Service Excellence Award. His efforts set the standard that everyone in the organization tries to meet. Thank you, Stu, for caring about our customers like they are a part of our family!   Walter Granados, our lead trainer in the Quick Lube, is the most consistent team member in the company. We call him the Rock! He always arrives early and prepared to work, performs his duties at the highest level at all times, and has the right attitude that is contagious to others on the team. He is a leader in the Quick Lube, and he is ready to discuss any issues he sees and brings options that we can use to improve operations. This is invaluable to us because he helps to resolve an issue before it ever becomes one. Because of all the amazing things he does for us Walter received a Dedicated Service Award. Thank you, Walter, for always being there ready to assist and helping us become a better organization!   Garrett Geisler, our lead New Market technician, had a very busy year. He was instrumental in New Market having a recording setting year. This was no small feat being in business for 23 years. He would come in early on a regular basis, work late, and show up on his days off.  As if that wasn’t enough, he was also the “go to guy” to reprogram and update software in customer’s vehicles. He would travel to our different locations, sometimes with no notice, to help others in the company complete their work within the promised time. Not only did he give over 100% to his location, he gave that to all locations within the organization. Because of this above board dedication, Garrett was awarded the Above and Beyond Award. Thank you, Garrett, for your dedication and the sacrifices you have made to the success of the entire organization!   Garrett Wall, our service writer in Urbana, has taken advantage of opportunities presented to him in 2017 to grow.  He has worked hard to improve areas that needed attention; He was eager to lend a hand to help the Quick Lube be successful, and was able to help train newer team members on the “Dynamic Way” of bringing value with our service. One of his greatest attributes is his willingness to listen and evaluate himself and not just dismiss advice. This willingness has allowed him to hone his skills and became a very valuable member of the team. Because of this growth, Garrett receives the Rising Star Award. Thank you, Garrett, for your dedication to improve and become the best you can be; for helping other team members and the organization grow!   Rebekah Pavlovsky, our book keeper/do it all team member, is selfless and always willing to help any team member, customer and the company so that they are successful. She gives her time to fill in or cover someone who needs help or just a few minutes to take a break. She is always coming up with ideas that help to strengthen the team. She likes to organize company events and makes sure they are successful in building the teams unity. She is the first to volunteer at events we plan for marketing, and she is key in bringing value to the team and the company when she is there.  Because of her caring and desire to help others, she received the Above and Beyond Award. Thank you, Rebekah, for being a great person that helps the team succeed. You make such a difference, and we appreciate all that you do!   Darlene Canfield, our human resources/office manager, has a job that can be undervalued but is essential to the success of the team and the company. The attention to detail is paramount, and if she did not make an effort to ensure what she is doing is right, it could negatively affect everyone. She takes pride in the work that she does to make sure it is right and looks out for the team and the organization. She spends countless hours researching to get us the best information, best prices, best policy, best program that is possible. This takes a lot of dedication and time to deliver so many items at such a high level. Because of this service, Darlene was awarded the Dedication to Service Award. Darlene, thank you for all your hard work and commitment to making everything you do as good as possible while watching out for the team.   Mark Luterman, our business coach and honorary member of the team, has helped to guide and encourage us to be closer and a more successful team. He has spent time with every team member helping to improve them and align all of us to be one team. He has helped our leadership team grown and become better leaders. He has shown us the importance of gratitude to our team and customers is the way to be successful. Because of all that he has done to help every team member and Dynamic, he was awarded the Leadership Award through Mentoring. Mark, thank you for all that you have done to help make Dynamic one team. It’s evident that you care for us and it shows in your effort to make us successful!   Just a few days after our Christmas Party we lost a special friend. He was at this event, and we considered him an essential member of our Dynamic family. Tom Caton, from Spartan Electric, we will miss you, and you will always be with us in our hearts. Tom, the closeness we had with you pays tribute to you and how close our team is. We want to thank the entire team at Dynamic Automotive for all of your dedication and caring to make 2017 a great year. It wasn’t the numbers that made it such a great year but the team and its unity to give the best value and exceptional service to our customers and support for each other. Also, to our customer and vendors, Thank you for making 2017 a fun and meaningful year to be in business.    

Written by Dwayne Myers