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Vehicle Maintenance Myths

Telephone Game Car Care Advice

Did you ever play the "telephone game" as a kid? That's the one where the first person whispers a message to the next who relays it to the third and so on until all participants have been included. Nearly every time when the last player announces the message aloud, it's a bit different than the notice the original messenger relayed. The same is true for vehicle maintenance. Somebody gives car care advice along with a justification. That person passes the information along. By the time it reaches you, it may be accurate, or it may be bogus. Even if it's great information for one vehicle, it might not be what's best for yours. Instead of relying on misinformation for car upkeep, trust the ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, Maryland.

They Mean Well, But They’re Not Always Right

Few people will intentionally give you bad car care advice. Usually, if they're giving you tips, they're trying to be helpful. That's great, but you should recognize that they're not always right. What's accurate is that you need to take care of your vehicle with preventive maintenance services and timely repairs. It's the "how" and "when" that's passed along to you that may sometimes be called into question. For example, some people insist that you change your oil every 3,000 miles. This may be advisable for antiques or extreme driving. Modern engines and lubricants, however, are designed to go longer between oil changes. Also, newer engines warm up more quickly than did their predecessors. That might explain why people who own older cars insist that you should always warm up the car before you drive away. Auto techs now suggest that you start your vehicle and drive immediately. Although some drivers insist that vehicles run better with premium gas, you can usually save that money. Regular grade fuel is fine for most modern cars. Another myth is that the number on your tire's sidewall is the proper inflation amount. That actually designates the maximum safe pressure.

Other skewed truths include that transmission fluid must be changed after 50,000 miles (It's possibly less frequently, so check the manual.) and the assumption that tires are safe until 2/32 of tread (maybe, but you might need more for adequate traction). Also, it's incorrect that using the air conditioner is always more expensive (in terms of fuel consumption) than opening the windows. The truth is that drag from loss aerodynamics is costlier. Finally, not every service must be done at the dealership. You can choose your own shop and still follow the manufacturer's service schedule that will preserve your warranty. We'll steer you right, so entrust your auto repairs to Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, MD.

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