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Top 5 Car Care Tips for Summer

  Top 5 Car Care Tips for Summer

Warm weather is here and before long we will feel the full heat of summer. Summertime, historically is the busiest time for automotive repairs. There are two main reasons for this, driving more miles because of family vacations and high temperatures causing havoc on all the systems in your vehicle.  With current gas prices, this summer is expected to be a very busy travel season. One can prepare for this season by having a few things checked and some services performed.  Here is a list of the top 5 car care tips for summer time.

  1. Check your tires: The higher the temperature gets the higher the risk of a blowout. Tire pressure is key to tire health. Many new cars have tire monitor systems. They are helpful but you should still check the pressure occasionally and the condition of the tire itself; tread depth, tire wear and overall tire condition. Tires need to be rotated to get the best life out of them. Tire failure is one of the biggest hazards someone traveling will face. I’ve seen too many people driving on a family vacation that have a flat tire. They come by asking for a tire repair not realizing they have been driving a vehicle with tires that were not safe and unrepairable.
  2. Check the condition of your coolant system: Check to make sure the coolant level is full and inspect the condition of the coolant. Coolant needs to be replaced periodically to maintain system health and its imperative that you use the correct fluid.  Changing the fluid when needed can save you on more costly repairs down the road. Never open a coolant system when it is hot, you could be injured, wait until it cools down. If the coolant level is low you need to find out why. This could be a sign of a leak that can lead to an overheating breakdown. Engine coolant systems work hardest in the summer. Don’t let them fail from neglect; it is the #1 cause of summer-time breakdowns.
  3. Replace your Wiper Blades: This seems too simple to be a tip but heavy thunderstorms on the road are dangerous. Make sure your wiper blades are good, this helps to ensure clear visibility. A torn wiper blade could render you blind in a harsh storm.  Also make sure the washer fluid is full to help get the nasty bugs off the windshield.
  4. Change your oil more often: Towing a boat or camper is hard on your engine. The hot conditions speed up the process that breaks down oil. Make sure you change your engine oil when needed. I consider changing your oil as an inexpensive insurance policy. Besides getting fresh oil and a clean filter you get a thorough inspection of your vehicle to prevent costly break downs and repairs.
  5. Have your A/C (Climate Control) system inspected: Besides having your car breakdown, having an air condition system on the fritz is the worst. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hot car in a traffic jam. Bad traffic happens all too often on our trips and being comfortable makes it more bearable.  Have you’re A/C system serviced by a professional as over filling or contaminating the system can cause serious damage to the compressor resulting in large repair bills.

Many of these inspections can be done at home and some at a trusted repair facility. Taking a few moments to prepare for the summer can help prevent break downs, unwanted delays and costs. If you want to get your car inspected or know you need work done try not to wait until the last minute. Plan ahead to be prepared. Enjoy the warm weather and time spent with your family this summer.

Written by Dwayne Myers