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The Suspension System: It’s About Comfort and Control

What Is It?

You've heard of a vehicle's suspension system if you've been driving very long. You may have heard some people say it makes your ride more comfortable, while others speak about handling and control. Both camps are right. To take a deeper dive into the system, you'll need to know what it is. The suspension consists of an automobile's joints (with bearings and bushings), rods (with linkages), springs, shock absorbers (or struts), and tires. In short, it's the collection of parts that holds your vehicle's frame-up and allows it to roll. If you want additional information or need suspension repair, the ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in New Market, Maryland, are here to help.

What Does It Do?

The suspension system components allow your automobile to navigate imperfect services. As your car crosses bumps, holes, or other non-flat areas, the suspension takes much of the energy of the jolt and dissipates it. This is why the auto has both shocks/struts and springs. Both are needed to absorb the energy and get rid of it. This two-part process serves two essential functions:

  1. It indeed makes for a more pleasant occupant experience. Instead of being beaten up by the bumps, you enjoy a smoother ride inside the passenger cabin.
  2. Suspension is a significant part of your transportation safety. Improved contact equals better traction. Helping your car deal with roadway imperfections enables the tires to spend more time connected to the pavement and less time jumping up off the road's surface.
  3. Since the steering mechanism works in conjunction with the total suspension package, your ability to steer through curves and turn corners is related to this system, too.

How Will You Know?

While it's advisable to have us check your vehicle--including its suspension system--periodically, there are some signs you might observe if your car or truck has a suspension problem. One obvious indicator is a bumpy ride. Also, you might notice that your automobile keeps bouncing longer than expected after you've encountered a hole or bump. You may also sense that the car drifts instead of taking corners cleanly or feels like it's pulling to one side. Your auto's nose area may also excessively dip when you brake. Finally, a severe problem may manifest itself with your car sitting sideways or sagging when parked on a flat surface. No matter what you're observing, you can always count on the team with more than two decades of suspension repair experience, Dynamic Automotive.

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