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Painting for a Cause

painting The other night I took an opportunity that was offered to me to create a work of art. Well, maybe not a work of art but some might call it a painting. My friend Yemi called me to tell me about a project he was working on to raise money for a local charity. Anyone that knows Dynamic Automotive knows we are all about events that help the community. Having 4 shops that are each nestled in it's own community made this opportunity a perfect fit for Dynamic Automotive. Yemi had a plan to use well-known people in the community to paint pictures to help raise funds for Student Homeless Initiative Partnership of Frederick County (SHIP). SHIP is a local organization who's purpose is to help students of Frederick County to have a warm/dry place to sleep at night. He entitled this event “Canvas with a Cause” and intended to use this event to auction off their paintings. It was a community event that fit Dynamic Automotive perfectly! We quickly decided to sponsor the event. We knew it was a great cause and we could help make it successful. Painting does not come naturally to me but Yemi was persistent that he wanted someone from Dynamic to paint. Trusting Yemi’s skills and the overall good that would happen by participating, I agreed. What an event! Vini Culture, a local wine bar and Café, hosted the event and they did an amazing job. The food and atmosphere were perfect to compliment the efforts. It was a great night, full of fun and an amazing gathering of people for a great cause. There were 24 in all who painted with Yemi’s lead and we all had fun doing it. We had all types of results and every one of them were unique and wonderful in their own way. Once we finished our masterpieces we sat back and listened to the Auctioneer do his magic selling off each piece of art work while attaining the maximum amount for the cause. The event was able to raise $20,000 for local homeless students. Not a bad intake for a few hours of giving. These monies will go to help battle homelessness in our school system. This help can make a difference in lives, giving them hope for a brighter future. There’s no greater pleasure then helping people in a community we live in. SHIP is always looking for help. Take a few minutes and find out more about them and how you can help our own. SHIP is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helped Frederick County Public School students that are encountering homelessness. In 2013 the Frederick County community came together to lend a helping hand and be there when the need arises. By working closely with FCPS and other county departments SHIP is able to help students that are in need. To learn more about SHIP of Frederick County visit Dwayne Myers

Written by Dwayne Myers