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Your vehicle’s brakes should always be checked and serviced by an experienced technician. In order to maintain effective slowing, stopping, and starting you need to recognize all of the warning signs. The vehicle manufacturers have built your braking system with an audible alert to let you know when your brake pads have worn too low. A high-pitched squeal will be heard when you apply your brakes. This annoying sound is your brakes talking to you. They’re telling you to bring your vehicle to the team at Dynamic Automotive in New Market, MD. Our brake service experts can return your braking system to its original, quiet condition. Ignoring your necessary brake service can lead to malfunction and cause extensive damages down the road. A timely brake check will always let you know what condition your brakes are in. Our technicians give thorough and complete brake inspections that will ensure the continued safety of you and your passengers. We will never perform brake services that your vehicle does not need. You can trust our brake service experts to perform top quality brake repairs and maintenance. From the moment you drive your car off the lot, our technicians can keep a watchful eye on your braking system. Whatever condition your vehicle’s brakes are currently in, you should bring them to Dynamic Automotive.

The sound of your brakes can easily be missed, if your car stereo is turned up too loud. When these early warning signs are missed or ignored, there will soon be a grinding sound. The brake pads normally create a soft buffer between your brake’s metal parts. But once that is gone, the metal-on-metal grinding can cause damage to several brake components. It’s not just the sounds that you should be listening out for. You might also notice that your brakes don’t feel right when you apply them. Your brakes could also be talking to you through your steering wheel. A vibration or a shaking of the steering wheel when you press your brake pedal should not be ignored. This is an obvious sign that you should bring your vehicle to the experts at Dynamic Automotive for brake service. Call us today for your brake service appointment, and we’ll get our team ready to provide all of your braking system repair needs!

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