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Your vehicle’s brakes need constant monitoring. The first line of defense against any brake malfunction is you, and your ability to recognize the warning signs. When your brakes are in need of service, you will notice a shrill noise whenever you apply them. Drivers must pay attention to this noise so that they are fully aware of the condition their brakes are in. This alert is built into your braking system so that when your brake pads get worn too low you’ll hear a high-pitched squeal. This noise can go unnoticed if your car stereo is too loud, or there’s a lot of activity in your car. However, every other driver and pedestrian around you will notice. Bringing your vehicle to Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, MD for a quality brake check and brake service. Our experts will always let you know what condition your brakes are in. We only perform the necessary services that will keep you slowing down, stopping, and starting again with ease. Routine and thorough maintenance to your brakes will prevent any costly repairs or malfunctions down the road. If you drive on worn brakes for too long, or fail to let the professional techs at Dynamic Automotive have a look, you can do extensive damage to your braking system.

After your brake pads have worn away, you will hear a metal-on-metal grinding sound when you apply your brakes. This is an emergency that needs immediate attention. You should cease driving your car at this point and bring your vehicle to Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, MD as soon as possible. Continued driving can damage any number of your braking system’s components. Our expert brake repair technicians can fix any damages that may have been caused. We specialize in providing the best care for your brakes at every stage. Much of our brake services are preventive, and designed to avoid expensive repairs. But you can bring us your vehicle’s brakes in any condition. We’ll fix them right the first time, and put you on a brake service plan that eliminates problems and concerns with your brakes for good. Contact us today to receive expert brake service!


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