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Is This Tire Okay? How to Detect Tire Damage

Tired Tires

Every driver knows that tires don't last forever. Even so, most owners try to stretch their tire mileage because replacement is expensive. What's more, many motorists aren't sure what to look for regarding tire wear and damage. If you fit into this category, stop worrying. We'll give you a few pointers on what to check and signs to recognize. Also, the certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in Frederick, Maryland, are always available to assist you with all your needed tire services. We want you to enter as a customer and leave as a friend, an operating principle that has earned us numerous awards.

What to Watch For

Even if you aren't a tire expert, you can take notice of your car's treads. One thing to be vigilant about is uneven or unusual wear. These may be observed in various manifestations. For example, a tire can develop a "heel and toe" wear pattern. Except for special applications such as race tracks, tires are designed to maintain traction on wet road surfaces. Manufacturers accomplish this using a series of blocks that contact the pavement and grooves that allow water to be channeled away. As tires roll, some amount of misshaping of the blocks occurs. Although this is normal, if the vehicle has an alignment or suspension problem, the blocks may become damaged. This will create the damaged edges known as heel and toe.

Also, watch for tires that are wearing more on one side than the other. This may indicate poor wheel alignment. Improper angles can put undue pressure on one side of the tire. Excessive center wear is often caused by high torque or less than careful driving in traffic (i.e., flooring it from stoplight to stoplight and slamming on brakes). A bulge in the tread area (as opposed to the sidewall) may indicate broken cords. This is often caused by hitting an object or jumping a curb. Ignoring it puts you at risk for tire failure (blowout). If you have a puncture or cut, you'll likely know it sooner rather than later. Your tire will leak or go flat. We can help you determine if it's safe to repair the tire or if it needs replacing. A safe repair depends upon the location and size of the offending area as well as whether the tire is otherwise in good condition.

Your Go-To Shop for Tire Services

While it's a good idea to keep an eye on your tires so you can identify any developing issues, you aren't alone in tire care. Dynamic Automotive in Frederick, MD, is here to help whether you've found a potential problem or need us to check.

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