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How Will You Know if Your Shocks are Worn Out?

Don’t Be Shocked

If the quality and comfort of your ride have decreased and your difficulty controlling your automobile has increased, don't be shocked. As great as they are, shock absorbers and other suspension components can't last forever. Eventually, they wear and need replacement. When you begin to notice the signs, make an appointment with Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland. For more than a quarter-century, we've been providing great customer service and honest, reliable repairs. Schedule an appointment to see why we've won numerous awards and why we excel at customer service.

The Shocking (Or Not So Shocking) Signs

When you bring your vehicle to us because you're experiencing problems, we will, of course, do some checking to verify the exact nature of the problem. There are, however, some signs that will point both you and us in the direction of worn shock absorbers. For instance, bad shocks often make the car rock back and forth or make passengers feel as if they're rolling across the travel lanes. If you're the driver, this can be a very unsettling feeling because you sense that you lack adequate control. Also, you may hear or feel some sort of rattling or other looseness or vibration. Further, your stopping distance could increase, making you question whether or not you can stop the vehicle in time if there's an emergency. How dangerous is that? Dilapidated shocks sometimes also cause steering wheel vibration, particularly noticeable as you're holding the wheel and/or steering. Another nearly certain indicator is dipping and swerving during braking. It doesn't even take a mechanic to know that's not safe. Is the weather windy today? You'll likely feel that a little more if the shocks are shot. You may even have to correct the steering after each wind gust. That never feels good to a driver. You may feel as if your auto is going to be blown over at any given time. Finally, bad shocks decrease the amount of time your tires spend connected to the road. Therefore, your tires may wear unevenly. (If your tires are not wearing evenly, have a technician check your auto. Several issues, not just worn shocks, can create this effect.)

Your Local Suspension Repair Shop

Worn shocks can provide an irritating driving experience and make traveling less enjoyable for both the driver and the passengers. Worse, the situation can become dangerous if you don't have adequate control of your car or if your stopping distances are increased. Shocks are indeed rugged. Think about the daily beating they take even on good roads. They cannot, however, last indefinitely. Most are designed to last at least 50,000 miles, but your location and driving habits can extend or reduce that expectation. Regardless of timing, see Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, MD, for all your suspension repair needs.

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