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How to Check Oil and Save Your Vehicle

Save. Your. Vehicle.

If you want your vehicle to run well and last a long time, one of the most important things you can do is ensure it has a sufficient amount of fresh, clean lubricant. This means you need to check your oil regularly. If the motor oil is dirty or if there isn't enough, you're endangering the engine. That's because oil serves three very important functions. It lubricates the moving metal parts that would otherwise be damaged by friction. Also, it absorbs some of the heat that friction produces. Finally, it suspends debris, keeping it away from components it can pit or corrode. When you need an oil change (due to mileage or oil condition), you can rely on Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, Maryland.

How to Check the Oil (Yes, You Can Do This!)

Stop worrying! Yes, you can check your own oil. In fact, that's perfect. Keep it checked, add lubricant when you need to, and bring it to us for oil changes and other preventive maintenance services. Here's where to start. Get out your owner's manual the first time. It will show you where the oil dipstick and oil fill are located. (The manual will also tell you if you have one of the modern cars that have an electronic monitor rather than a dipstick.) After the first time, you'll probably remember where it's located in your car. Next, grab yourself something you can use to wipe the dipstick. A rag or napkin is ideal, but be sure they're clean. A used napkin that's been on the ground isn't your best choice. With the engine cold, the auto parked on level ground, and the motor shut off, pull the dipstick from its resting place. Wipe it clean. Reinsert it into the tube, push it all the way back in, and pull it out again. Look at the end of the stick to see where the stamped markings are located. You should see a few indicators that show you where the low (fill, minimum) and high (maximum) levels fall. You should also see a crosshatch pattern between the two lines. If the oil level (streak) stops anywhere in the patterned area, you're fine. If the streak is at or below the fill line, you will need to add oil. In addition to observing the amount of oil, you should also notice the color. It should be brown or no darker than a light black. If it looks dark and burned or milky, get service immediately.

Your Local Oil Change Expert

While it's helpful to check your own oil, you may not be comfortable changing it. That's okay. You can entrust your oil change services to Dynamic Automotive's certified technicians in Libertytown, MD.

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