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Did that Speed Bump Just Wreck Your Suspension System?

What Can a Speed Bump Do to Your Auto?

Nobody wants to slam into a speed bump too fast, but sometimes they seem to sneak up on us. Even when we see them in time, perhaps your car sits low or the barrier rides high, causing more impact than intended. Whatever happened, perhaps you're wondering if a speed bump can damage your vehicle's suspension? Yes, it can, particularly when hit too quickly or from a bad angle. The blunder can cause your suspension components to bottom out. That happens when the parts try to compress to absorb the shock beyond what they're designed to handle. Even if there is not bottoming out, suspension components can indeed sustain damage in this situation. If you've hit a bump or are otherwise concerned about a related issue, bring your car to Dynamic Automotive in Frederick, Maryland. For more than a quarter-century, we've been assisting customers with suspension repair.

The Toll It Takes

So, what exactly might happen if you have a bad encounter with a speed bump? One potential result is tire damage. The tire may be injured at the time of impact, or the resulting suspension damage may cause your tires to wear prematurely or improperly. Additionally, you can damage the exhaust system, particularly if it hangs low beneath your vehicle. A bad bump blunder can also lead to a steering problem. This likely will be the result of wheel misalignment. If you begin to notice pulling to one side or difficulty in cornering, you should have your car checked. Even frequent travel over speed bumps such as might be found within the confines of your neighborhood can wear the components over time more than if your typical path kept you on flat surfaces. Other signs to watch for are squealing tires, a poor quality ride, and a steering wheel that won't return to center. What's more, over time, the poor alignment can cause your tires to wear out too soon because they wear unevenly--more in some places than others. We can correct the wheel alignment if you need it.

Suspension Solutions

If you suspect trouble related to hitting speed bumps too often or a single rough encounter, bring your vehicle to Dynamic Automotive in Frederick, MD. Our certified technicians will use a special computerized machine to check for wheel alignment. If needed, they can also examine the exhaust or check the suspension parts, such as shock, to see if they are damaged. If the car is misaligned, the issue can be correct with a wheel alignment. Shock absorbers can also be replaced if they have lost their protective properties. Stop by to see how we turn customers into friends.

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