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Frequently Asked Questions

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Youth Program - How do I apply?

You will need to apply with your Guidance Counselor / Work Study Coordinator. They have set dates when they accept applications for the program. If we have any openings we will post a job on their portal that you will have access to and can apply there.

Registered Program - How do I apply?

When we are accepting applications for a Registered Apprenticeship position, we will post the job on our website, local workforce services, and Maryland Department of Labor. When we are accepting applications you can go directly to our career page to fill out the application, ensuring to click the box that you are applying for an apprenticeship position.

Which apprenticeship program is for me?

The Youth Apprenticeship Program is for Junior and Seniors in High School. The Registered Program is for after high school and the apprentice will attend college classes.

Do you have any openings?

When we have openings they will be posted. Youth Apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship will be posted on our website, local workforce services, and Maryland Department of Labor for 30 days.

Do I have to be enrolled in CTC to join the Youth Apprenticeship Program?

No, you do not have to be enrolled at CTC but you need to be a junior or senior at Frederick County Public Schools.

Can I choose what college I go to for the Registered program?

Yes, you can choose between Montgomery College or Catonsville Community College.

Are the classes for credit or Continuing Education?

They are for Credit and can be used towards a degree.

When will I get a raise?

In the Registered Apprenticeship Program, you receive increases on a yearly basis throughout the 3 years program. These increases represent the minimum amount of compensation. Some ways to make more is the passing of ASE Certification and becoming a Maryland State Inspector.

What will my duties be in the Youth Apprentice Program?

See attached full list here.

What classes will I take in the Registered Apprenticeship Program?
(May not include all classes)

College Classes Name Credit Hours
CCBC Auto100 Intro to Auto Tech 5
CCBC Auto101 Servicing Heating & A/C 4
CCBC Auto126 Repairing Brake Systems 4
CCBC Auto131 Servicing Auto Electrical & Electronic Systems 4
CCBC Auto136 Servicing Auto Electrical & Electronic 5
CCBC Auto141 Servicing Auto Engines - Related Systems 4
CCBC Auto151 Repairing Auto Automatic Transmissions 5
CCBC Auto156 Repairing Auto Manual Transmissions 4
CCBC Auto161 Repairing Auto Electronics 5
CCBC Auto171 Repairing Auto Suspension 4
CCBC Auto231 Repairing Auto Engines 5
CCBC Auto241 Repairing Auto Engines - Related Systems 5
  ACDV101 College Development 1
Certificate Classes Master Technician Credit Hours
MC Auto099 Basic Auto Maintenance 2
MC Auto101 Intro to Auto Tech 3
MC Auto111 Engine Repair 4
MC Auto130 Manual Drive Train 5
MC Auto140 Suspension & Steering 5
MC Auto150 Brakes 5
MC Auto161 Auto Electric 1 4
MC Auto180 Basic Engine Performance 4
MC Auto200 Auto Tech Practicum 1
MC Auto220 Auto Transmission 5
MC Auto262 Battery/Starting/Charging 3
MC Auto263 Chassis Circuits 4
MC Auto264 Hybrid.Electric Vehicles 2
MC Auto270 Auto HVAC 4
MC Auto282 Engine Performance 2 4
MC Auto283 Engine Performance 3 4

What are my goals?

  • Gain real-life experience
  • Discover Your interest
  • Acquire new skills
  • Earn while you learn
  • Boost your confidence
  • Work towards a career

Do I get paid?

Yes, both programs are paid.

How long does the program last?

Youth Apprenticeship is a minimum of 450 hours and up to 14 months. The Dynamic Automotive Registered Apprenticeship Program is a 3-year Program that you will need to work a minimum of 2000 hours a year. 

How many hours will I work?

Youth Program you will need a minimum of 450 hours in total and your schedule will be flexible for you’re and our needs. The Registered Program is Full Time and required 2000 hours per year.

How much do the college classes cost?

The cost of the college classes are covered by Dynamic Automotive. If you stay at least one year after the completion of the class, you owe nothing. If you leave in less than a year, you pay a prorated amount for that class. 

What if I decided this is not for me?

It is a commitment to join these programs but if you decide it is not for me you can leave. In the Youth Program, you just need to let us know and in the Registered Program, you will need to meet the 1-year education commitment. If not, you pay back the prorated amount of the class.

How will I know how I am doing?

You are given regular reviews and a yearly Road Map Review to discuss your progress.