April 2023 - Dynamic Automotive

Can I Drive on a Spare Tire?

Is It Safe To Drive On My Spare Tire? How far can you drive on your spare tire before sacrificing safety? Is it Safe to Drive On a Spare Tire?/h3> The answer to this question is, “It depends.” Whether or not you should drive on your spare, how far, and how fast you can drive […]

Signs You May Need Suspension Repair

Need Suspension Repair? Here’s How To Know. Signs You Need Suspension Repair What Does Your Car’s Suspension System Do? The suspension system in your car helps keep the frame and chassis stable when moving over uneven roads and making turns. It ensures safety and comfort as you accelerate, corner, and brake. Your suspension system even […]

Do I Need to Change My Power Steering Fluid?

Changing Power Steering Fluid: Why, When, And How Everything You Need to Know About Power Steering Fluid Flushes How Often Should You Change Your Power Steering Fluid? Power steering fluid is one of those fluids you probably don’t think about too often in your vehicle. Still, much like every other fluid in your vehicle, it […]