February 2023 - Dynamic Automotive

How Often to Rotate Tires

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires For the Best Performance? What Can Tire Rotation Do for Your Driving Experience? What is Tire Rotation? Tire rotation is moving your tires from front to back or side to side to mitigate tire wear that may be heavier in one place than the other. For example, if […]

Road Hazards for Your Tires

Avoiding Road Hazards that Can Ruin Your Tires Let’s Start with Good Maintenance Clearly, every driver wants to avoid road hazards that can damage tires. But did you know that minimizing damage along the road actually begins with a solid plan for tire maintenance? For example, make sure you’re operating at the manufacturer’s recommended air […]

Putting the Wrong Gas in Your Car

Oh, No! Using the Wrong Fuel in Your Car! How Bad Is This? We’ve all made mistakes. That’s life. When the error is putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle, however, the moment of recognition may incite panic. If it happens to you, perhaps you’ll wonder, “How bad is this?” While it isn’t good, the […]