January 2023 - Dynamic Automotive

Can Water Damage Your Car

It’s Just Water. Can It Damage Your Vehicle? Your Car Is Not a Boat Unless you own one of the surviving classic Amphicars, your vehicle is not a boat. Therefore, it’s designed for use on dry land, not for running through high water. Of course, your automobile is going to get wet due to normal […]

Choosing New Tires

Choosing New Tires Is It Time For New Tires? AIs it time for a new set of tires? Tires are not safe to use once the tread depth reaches 2/32″. What’s more, the traction you need may not exist even before your tires reach this minimum tread depth. Also, if you notice other tell-tale signs, […]

All About Transmissions

Your Vehicle’s Transmission: A Brief Overview What It Does You know every vehicle needs a transmission. You also know the transmission is related to shifting gears. But perhaps you’re wondering exactly what occurs that makes the transmission so vital. In brief, the transmission is responsible for ensuring that your wheels get the amount of power […]