December 2022 - Dynamic Automotive

Need to Knows About Your Oxygen Sensor

What Should You Know About Your Vehicle’s Oxygen Sensor? It Does What? Your vehicle’s check engine light (CEL) is on, and your neighbor told you it might be a bad oxygen sensor. Okay, you think, but what does that do? An oxygen sensor located in the emissions/exhaust system measures the amount of unburned oxygen in […]

Is a Wheel Alignment Necessary After an Accident?

Do You Need a Wheel Alignment After an Accident? The What Wheel alignment is the relationship of your vehicle’s wheels to one another as well as to the auto body itself. Specifically, alignment refers to the angles of these components to one another. These key suspension angles are camber, caster, toe, and thrust. Maintaining these […]

Turn Signal is Not Working

The Trouble with the Turn Signal Has Your Turn Signal Turned on You? Although it may seem like a tiny, thankless component, your vehicle’s turn signal is actually a very important safety item. It makes your car more visible to other drivers and shows them your intentions for movement. Typically, a turn signal blinks time […]