November 2022 - Dynamic Automotive

Help, Low Oil Light

Low Oil Light? What’s the Trouble? It’s There to Help Even though no driver wants to see the low oil light illuminate the dashboard, it’s actually there to help you. Your automobile’s engine needs lubricant to prevent friction from ruining the moving metal parts. Motor oil also helps absorb some of the heat the power […]

Bad Habits That Could Wreck Your Transmission

Bad Habits Hard on Transmissions Protecting Your Transportation Investment It simply makes good financial sense. Protect your transmission. Protect your vehicle. Project your transportation investment. One strategy for doing this is to avoid driving habits that can wreak havoc on your transmission. We’ll share a few of these “no-nos.” Beyond adjusting your own actions, it’s […]

The Parts of a Tire

There are Parts? Most drivers tend to think of a tire as a single unit. After all, tires are tires. A tire has various parts with specific functions. The ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, Maryland, are happy to share information about the parts of a tire and help you take great care of […]