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2016 Dynamic Automotive Car Show Benefiting the Urbana High School Marching Band

It was a beautiful Sunday to spend admiring muscle cars, playing games, enjoying some tunes, devouring somecs-2016-impala grub and being with the family. The 8th Annual Dynamic Automotive Benefit Car Show had all of that and much more.  We were blessed with a beautiful day of warm temperatures and a bright sunny sky. Weeks, even months have been spent preparing for this day. The team at Dynamic Automotive expects to deliver the best every year and this year was no different. Preparing for the show started not long after the start of the New Year but ramped up in early July. It was a year for a change in the customer area wanting to make the waiting area feel like someone’s ”Living Room”, not just a repair shop lobby . The entire office area was repainted in a different color scheme and the decor changed to fit the new customer climate. A kid’s room was added with a tv, video games, chalkboard and toys to entertain them. This is the one time of the year we are able to do a good spring cleaning even though we are at the tail end of summer. 2016 Car Show Video Clean, paint, repair, rebuild, maintain, renew and rediscover are just a few words that go into the preparation of the Urbana location. Every grease mark is removed, chipped and dull paint is renewed, new signs are hung, everything is inspected and repaired as necessary and new ideas are realized and implemented during this time. This event is a great excuse for bringing everything back to new or even better condition since the facility opened over 10 years ago.  We take pride in our team, our business, our customers, and their vehicles. Our automobiles are a means of freedom and aid our ability to get things done. We ensure we are ready to exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver on these expectations with a level of service that is second to none. The Urbana High Sccomp-bandhool Marching band was not only the benefactor this year, they were in attendance promoting it. Partnering up with them is great because they are there to help make the event even better.  They come to help prepare on Sunday, directing traffic, prepare food, supervising the moon bounce, cleaning up and most importantly MAKE MUSIC! They are here all day working with the team at Dynamic Automotive to produce a great event for the community to enjoy while helping their own cause. We reached out to many of our friends and business partners to help make it a success. Golden Gears Car Club has been with us 8 years and this year was no different. They helped to organize the day, bringing many of the cars and keeping track of the different tasks of the day. They always come with many members and their sweet rides. They are a true Frederick icon that is the oldest car club in the county. Dave Conrad with his WFRE crew were here spreading the word to the world about the goings on at the show. The prize wheel was a big hit with many attendees winning tickets to their favorite concerts and events. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmQcRfl8uS0[/embed] comp-dave Craig Shipp from Frederick.com was here to record the event and help to promote it. Dave Serio from You Auto Know MC’d the event, doing interviews and keeping the public aware of what was going on. Dave’s fun and joking humor was here at everyone’s expense. Denny and Danny from BG Products was in attendance with “Big Bubba”. Big Bubba is their engine demo truck that is used to show how their products can protect an engine with no oil in it. That’s not just talk, they drop the oil pan and run the motor with no oil for everyone to see. Truly amazing! The crew from Auto Plus Auto Parts was here demonstrating the parts that we use on our customers vehicles. Auto Plus has been a long time sponsor and they are our main parts supplier.  Greg Lusk from Jasper Engines and Transmission was a vendor and sponsor of the event. Greg was happy to talk Jasper to anyone that would listen and was ready to give away Jasper swag to those that came by. The girls from Bubbles Salon in Frederick were here in full force to spread the word about their services and to support the band. Other sponsors that were key in making the event a success were Frederick County Bank, our financial partner and friends. Gardeners and Albanes Lawn Care are both local business that are helping the community. Frye Insurance, RLH Accounting, HN Funkhouser, Advance Auto Parts, New Market Storage, Lord Baltimore, Interstate Batteries of Baltimore, Bath Fitters, William & Associates Insurance, Linscottt Hall CPA, Costco and Backyard Inflatables were all sponsors/vendors that were essential in making the event a success.comp-cool-car The food, which makes this a must attend event, was amazing as always. Bob Allen, from Dynamic, did an incredible job preparing the beef and hams for the show. He was up most of the night slow cooking 80 pounds of beef that was sold to raise money for the band. Dynamic donated all of the food and the team donated their time to get people fed and raise money at the same time. Starting the day off early was a little easier with a smoked ham, egg and cheese sandwich that Bob made himself. There were 8 trophies given out that day. Molly Forman with her 65 Ford F100 Crew Cab won Best Interior. Greg Lusk from Jasper won Dynamics Choice with his 69 Camaro. Dave Conrad won Best Motorcycle in Show with his “DOT”. The Big winner for Best in Show, Urbana High School Band Choice, 2nd Best Interior and Best Paint was a 1959 Chevrolet Impala.  This is a beautiful car that the owner just finished an 8 year re-build and the outcome is very impressive. All said and done the 8th comp-lee-f100-65Annual Dynamic Automotive Benefit Car Show raised over $4000, and more than $10,000 in the last 3 years. These monies helped the band pay for their marching field uniforms. In all the cost of the uniforms was $35,000 and fund raisers are a great way to help offset the expenses. Community support is very important to Dynamic Automotive. Not only do we want to be a part of the community, we want to be a positive part that gives back. The life blood of our business is our customers, people from our local community and if we give a helping hand, we believe it helps everyone. What makes this event even one step better is teaming up with organizations like the band. They are a great group of young people that want to be a part of something. The Urbana High School Marching Band is a great organization and having Dynamic Automotive support them is amazing. Dwayne Myers  

Written by Dwayne Myers